Jetex Performance Exhaust System Ford Focus ST 2.5L 225bhp 11/05+ 2.50"/63.50mm Half System Stainless Steel (T300 series) Non-Resonated Round 100mm L+R



Jetex Performance Exhaust System

Product Detail
Make: Ford
Model: Focus ST
Engine Detail: 2.5L 225bhp
Fitment Year: 11/05+
Exhaust Type: Half System
Resonated/Non-Resonated Non-Resonated
Fitting Point: Catalyst (2 bolt flange)
Pipe Diameter 2.50"/63.50mm
Tailpipe(s): Round 100mm L+R
Material: Stainless Steel (T300 series)
EC Approval No
Notes Racepipe is used to replace Jetex front resonator/silencer. Use for engines that have been tuned above standard or where more exhaust noise is required.

About Jetex

With 30 years of exhaust design and development experience, Jetex have gained a reputation of producing exhausts that are well engineered, perform consistently and create a perfect harmony between car and exhaust.

Absorption Designed

Sound reduction is a critical design concern with any exhaust system. Standard exhausts use a baffle design where a series of plates slow the exhaust gases, but ultimately this leads to an increase in back pressure. Jetex silencers have no baffles. Instead, noise is reduced by absorption through a centre perforated tube. Consequently, there is less gas flow restriction and so back pressure is reduced, torque is increased and engine performance is enhanced.

Mandrel Bends

It is essential that gas flow from the engine is unrestricted and flows smoothly along the whole length of the exhaust system. All Jetex bends (where possible) are mandrel bent rather than cut and welded. This ensures that the gas exits as quickly as possible, ensuring back pressure reduction and enhanced engine performance.


All tailpipes are made from polished T304 stainless steel and are designed to complement the styling of each model. Most tailpipes are rolled inwards to create a clean and stylish look

Fitting Kit

A fitting kit is provided with every Jetex system. With each exhaust, you can expect a minimum of a set of clamps to allow the exhaust to be fitted to the car. However, in many cases and where appropriate, stepped adaptors for the OE pipework, rubber mountings and in some cases, extra hangers are also provided.

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