Velossa Tech

Velossa Tech are a company that is based on one thing. Innovation. Their team is composed of visionaries.

They want to revolutionize the way people buy aftermarket automotive components.

They aren’t just car enthusiasts - their expertise in mechanical design, aerodynamics and product development allows them to take the auto industry to the next level.

Their mission is to develop 3D printing processes that allow buyers to realize their goals of ultimate customization, without the ultimate price.

3D printing is the primary mode of their manufacturing. They field proprietary machines that they designed. They have a fleet of custom in-house designed 3D printers that are ready when you are. They design in-house, and manufacture in house in the USA.

Their machines are set up for one thing: rapid production and customization. If you see something that you would like a little different, don’t be afraid, we welcome all customization requests.

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