SuperPro BMW 3 Series E46 320 d Estate Rear Wheel Drive 2001-2005 Rear Anti-Roll Bar Mount Bush Kit: 15mm Bar Diameter with Bracket Height 24mm SPF0339-15K




Product Detail
Make: BMW
Model: 3 Series
Mark: E46
Variant: 320 d
Body Style: Estate
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive
Fitment Years: 2001-2005
Product Fitting Position and Name: Rear Anti-Roll Bar Mount Bush Kit: 15mm Bar Diameter with Bracket Height 24mm
SuperPro Notes: Bracket height 24mm excluding Centre Rib. Measure bar diameter 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 & 24mm available
OEM Part No: 33551094550
OEM Housing No: 33506779734
Alternative Kit:

About SuperPro:

SuperPro has the largest range of aftermarket polyurethane bushes available and are currently manufacturing nearly 7500 products at their own facility in Brisbane, Australia. The benefits of using aftermarket components is that each product is designed from the ground up to exceed standards as a standalone component, rather than as a subordinate component of a larger module (as seen in OE engineering). SuperPro embraces the concept of developing a higher quality, quieter, longer lasting alternative to standard rubber bushings.

Fit SuperPro for:

Better road-holding - Constant steering geometry - Increased tyre life - More responsive steering - Longer service life of suspension components - No increase in Noise, Vibration or Harshness (NVH)

All SuperPro products:

Are made from SuperPro's own proprietary special elastomer-based engineering-grade polyurethane formula - exhibit the best characteristics of both rubber and plastic materials due to their unique formulation - are a superior alternative to rubber; providing higher-quality quieter, longer lasting bushings with no increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) - have superior abrasion resistance to rubber have excellent memory properties - are unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils and coolant - are not constrained by OE design constraints (mass-production costs, warranty and vehicle assembly factors)

Bonded to Steel:

Early after forming the company, founder, Graham Scudamore-Smith invested heavily in the research and development of a unique blend of polyurethane that can be bonded directly to steel - whereas some other manufacturers haven't. Why is this important? The steel shell (around the outside) provides a strong locating point for the suspension component to function correctly and it allows SuperPro’s engineering team to use a softer duro (hardness) polyurethane than would be needed if it didn’t have a steel shell. This is one of the many reasons why SuperPro bushes don't increase noise, vibration or harshness where other brands do. The steel shell also increases product lifespan.

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